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If you have in mind a specific style, Shane will design a unique gown based on your ideas and inspiration. The collections also offer a variety of classic styles, all of which can be customised to achieve the look that you desire. Once the style has been chosen, Shane will assist you in deciding on colours and selecting the silk fabric. After placing a formal order, you will receive an original sketch of your dress and swatches of the chosen fabrics.


The next step is a measuring. It is very important that you wear the underwear you will be wearing on the day for this appointment. If your dress is strapless, measurements from this appointment will be used to make a corset, otherwise a calico toile will be made for your next fitting.


The toile fitting follows. The first calico toile is a mock-up of your dress, and will be fitted to you. Your own pattern will be made from this toile to achieve the best possible fit for you - it also allows us an opportunity to create a gown with proportions most flattering to you. There are times when you may need another toile fitting before the pattern is perfect and your fabric is cut.


Once the pattern is made we begin with your dress. Depending on the style and fabric you have chosen, you will need 3 to 5 dress fittings to ensure your gown looks beautiful, and fits perfectly. The final fitting is as close to wedding date as possible.